Why March is the Unluckiest Month of All


What Some Are Saying About “Beyond the Ides”  …


“Who knew what diabolical evils lurked in the third month of every calendar year? Craig McGuire painstakingly exhumes the ills of March in this fascinating read. Beyond the Ides is a disturbing, thought-provoking, and strangely gripping book.”

– Ron Valdes, Editor & Co-Founder, Brooklyn Creative Partners


“After reading “Beyond the Ides” by Craig McGuire, I will never feel the same way about March again. What a powerful, thought-provoking concept, explored in great detail. A must-read I highly recommend that you won’t be able to put down. I know I couldn’t.”

– Christi Shingara, NBC Universal


“In the compelling, exhaustively researched “Beyond the Ides,” Craig McGuire takes readers on a fascinating, thought-provoking journey that explores strange and mysterious connections associated with major historical events. Covering everything from assassinations and massacres to disasters and celebrity deaths, McGuire has created an engaging, gripping narrative that sheds new light on the concepts of fate and superstition. I will never look at the month of March in the same way again.”

 – Robert Sales,  Author, “Trading Strategies for Direct Access Traders”  (McGraw-Hill)